The Materialists

Socialis Remotus

April 12, 2020

The Materialists are….

Becky O’Sullivan (Public Archaeology Coordinator, FPAN West Central Region)

Nigel Rudolph (Public Archaeology Coordinator, FPAN Central Region)

For more info on FPAN please visit

We would like to thank….

The Florida Public Archaeology Network, The University of South Florida - Department of Anthropology, and The Crystal River Preserve and Archaeological State Park. For more info on USF Anthro Department please visit their website at For More info about the Crystal River Archaeological State Park please visit their website at

Thank you to the band Have Gun, Will Travel for the use of their song Silver and the Age of Opulence for our intro music. For more information on HGWT please visit their website at

For questions or concerns about the podcast please email us at the

Episode 12: “Socialis Remotus” 

Huge thank you to Dr. Charlie Cobb for being on this episode. Dr. Cobb is Curator and Lockwood Professor of Historical Archaeology at the Florida Museum of Natural History, University of Florida. He specializes in the archaeology and history of the southeastern United States and has a particular interest in Native American engagements with European colonialism. For more information on Dr. Cobb’s research please visit

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History of Toilet Paper -

Song: Influenza. Johnson, Ace (Performer). Lomax, John A. (John Avery), 1867-1948 (Collector).

Song: Patty Griffin. 2013. Please Don’t Let Me Die in Florida. Track #2. American Kid. New West Records

Clip: 6482jdmcksw. Bob and Doug McKenzie - Strange Brew Clip #1.





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